Monday, 23 July 2012

Indian Tatkal Passport

In India three types of passports are issued namely general, official & diplomatic. Except this an emergency passport is also issued in special cases. Acquiring a new passport in India is a challenging work. The person may even miss his journey in absence of passport but the officials are never ready to help it out. The procedure of getting a passport is very irritating. Even after submitting all the necessary documents it takes too much of time to get your passport in your hands. These problems have given birth to passport agents in most cities. As they are aware of the formalities & know the officials too they are really helpful in attaining your passport. They can support you for a little bit of cash. The results are also positive if you take their help.

Tatkal passport application form is available with them with which you can get your passport in much less time. Normally Indian passport is valid for 10 years from the date of issue. If you renew it before its expiry it is somewhat easier but if it is expired & you want to get it renewed it will again be a strenuous task for you. During renewal of passport also you have to submit all the papers you deposited while applying for a new passport. If it has been expired you have to submit one affidavit attested by court.

After you apply for a new passport, a police verification process is also performed to confirm your identity & residence proof. The police person who visits you will also take witness of your neighbors to re verify all the details you have submitted.

When this verification is confirmed you get your passport mostly after 1 month. If you are in a hurry & have to make an international travel then you should go for Tatkal Passport. It helps you to get your passport in very less time.  

If you are renewing your passport regarding Visa if you have a valid visa it will remain valid on your new one too. Tatkal service is available in case of lost or official visits etc. The best way to get passport with less efforts & in less time is to apply through a agent whom you know well, by doing so you will save yourself from a lot of problems which you may face if you visit passport office do all formalities yourself.

They are known to the problems & are in habit of resolving them easily. They know the necessary documents to be submitted, which of them are to be attested & which forms are to be filled. It is not impossible to get a passport without help of these agents but it may take some more time & efforts.

Any Indian citizen can get a legal passport if he/she is not having any criminal record without any problem. This process is a little bit time consuming because of the security measures adapted by government in it. One can even do tatkal passport online registration to save time.


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