Sunday, 15 July 2012

Passport Application Form

Whenever you plan to visit abroad for any reason you will need a passport. The Indian passport act came into effect in 1967. Necessary amendments have been made from time to time in the act to maintain its security & value according to the situations. The act also has to keep in consideration of foreign travel acts. You will need passport on all occasions when you travel abroad like on your departure & arrival.

Passport is an official document issued by ministry of external affairs of the country which verifies your citizenship. It verifies your name, date of birth & sex.  It serves as a photo id too because it contain photo of the holder.

Whether you need a new passport or a duplicate passport where are prescribed form for it. One has to file a separate online Indian passport application for Tatkal Passport, renewal of passport also. You can either get these application forms from regional passport office or download it online. You have to submit completely filled Indian passport application at passport office or online. One has to also attach all other necessary documents with the application. These documents include date of birth certificate, Id proof, residence proof & any affidavit if required.

One has to get all these attachments self attested. You should also keep originals of all documents ready for verification purpose. There are district passport cell which collect applications & forward them to Passport Seva Kendra who are officially authorized by external affairs ministry to issue passports. They even provide support in form filling.

Only Passport Seva Kendra accepts application for Tatkal Passport & Indian passport application online.  Normally a new passport is issued with 10 years validity except in case of minor where validity may be less. Its validity depends on the age of the applicant. If minor is 16 years old the validity would be 2 years only. He has to apply for a renewal of passport as he becomes 18 years. The fee structure for getting a passport is as follows.

            New Passport                 Rs. 1000/-
            Duplicate Passport          Rs. 2500/-
            Minor Passport               Rs. 600/-

To apply for a passport online you can download the application form here.

To download New Passport Application Form click here.

To download Supplementary passport application form click here.

To download An official or diplomatic passport application form click here.

After downloading form you have to fill it according to instructions provided. You can submit the Indian passport application form online or you can visit the your local passport centre & submit it there along with all necessary documents.

You can also download all other kind of passport form here.


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